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    PMDC Gear Motor For Check Scanner

    Check scanner is an instrument that scans the check after the check is completed and sends it to the corresponding bank and payee, so that the bank and the payee can realize the fund entry and transfer as soon as possible. The main user groups are the finance department and individuals who frequently use checks.


    For finance department, the size of a check scanner will not affect a lot because the machine was placed was relatively fixed position; but for individual users, they always issue check at different places, so it is not convenient to carry if the size is big of check scanner.


    Currently, the size of check scanner is relatively big, which is not conducive to carrying. In response to the mobile needs of check scanner users, Power Motor designed a new structure PMDC gearbox motor, new design is not only meet users requirements, but also good for reduce the size of check scanner, make it possible of portable.



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