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    PMDC Motor for Automatic Door

    Electric door is a common door opening and closing device in daily life and work. Intelligent door opening and closing provides more convenience for our lives.

    Most automatic doors adopt PMDC motor, by installing a worm and gear on the shaft end and adding a deceleration mechanism, different door opening methods such as translation, folio and rotation of the electric door are realized.The DC motor used on the electric door has the characteristics of simple speed regulation, large output torque, stable and reliable operation,relatively simple in structure,manufacturing process is relatively mature,so using PMDC motor could efficiency reduce the cost.

    Power Motor's efforts to optimizes the PMDC motor.

    Power Motor optimizes the internal structure of the PMDC motor, made the motor run smoothly at low speed,at the same time increase the output torque, ensure the abnormal large torque phenomenon in the operation of the electric door, when the door is partially blocked, there is still a large output torque to complete opening and closing of the electric door.

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