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    Brushless Gear Box Motor For Intelligent Garbage collector

    The effective recycling of renewable resources is one of the important issues of current social environmental protection.The intelligent garbage collection box appear in the community effectively solve this problem.


    Motor solution for garbage recycling system.

    PGM.P042M0027 motor is a new type of motor combination system tailored for recycling of renewable resources by Power Motor. It is used for opening and closing the door of intelligent dustbin.

    PGM.P042M0027 is a brushless dc motor comprising a built in driver, which drive the door action of the intelligent recycling box in a limited space. PGM.P042M0027 arranged planetary gearboxes ,realized low speed driving with large torque.


    The advantages of brushless gear box motor.

    In order to prevent abnormal situations such as system power failure during use, an electromagnetic power loss brake is added to the motor, which can brake in time in the event of power failure, stop the movement of the recovery box door, protect the user safety. The intelligent garbage collection box working in the open air environment,the rain or the moisture brought by the input items may broken the drive circuit,the motor is waterproof and dustproof in the structural, to ensure the normal operation of the product.

    The cost of brushless motors and drivers is a problem that the market needs to focus on in the future. Combining market demand, reasonable cost optimization is the key research direction.

    The cost of brushless motors and drives controllers have always been the focus of the market.In the future, Power Motor will continue to optimize the structure and cost of the motor and drives in accordance with market demand.

    products for Garbage Collector Door

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