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    Household gas valve electric actuator PMDC motor

    1. Basic information of household intelligent gas valve switch motor market

    In daily life, fires and casualties caused by gas leakage, combustion and explosion are not uncommon.

    In order to eliminate the fire safety hazard caused by gas leakage, an intelligent actuator that integrates the functions of gas leakage detection, signal transmission, control of motor start, and automatic closing of gas valve came into being.

    Now, the domestic consumption of intelligent actuators is not popular, but increasing improvement of people's living standards, people are paying more attention to the safety of gas use, automatic control switches, remote control and manual and automatic switching and other functions , which greatly facilitates people's lives, ensures the safety of gas use, and improves people's quality of life.

    In the future, household installation of this intelligent actuator will gradually become popular, generating tens of millions to hundreds of millions of motors, and the market potential is huge.

    2. Market needs or pain points

    Private replacement and disassembly of gas pipelines and their valves are strictly prohibited. If a valve with an intelligent actuator (such as a solenoid valve equipped with a globe valve or a gate valve) is installed on a newly built residential gas pipeline, it is necessary to report and obtain an installation permit, and have gas The company's professional installation, while ensuring safety, restricts the application and popularization of intelligent actuators.

    3. For market needs or pain points, Power motor provides solutions and technically achievable results

    In order to solve the above problems, Power motor has developed a motor for intelligent actuator in accordance with the market needs. The permanent magnet DC motor is equipped with a transmission structure with a gearbox. After being installed in the intelligent actuator, it is directly installed in the household gas pipeline. On the valve, there is no need to replace the household gas pipeline valve and its pipeline.

    The motor has the following advantages:

    1) The gearbox has high manufacturing precision and stable and reliable quality;

    2 ) Through the action of external force, the connection and disconnection of the gear transmission chain in the gearbox can be realized, so as to realize automatic switching to manual operation. When the automatic control switch is not required or the automatic control switch fails, the valve can be manually opened and closed, that is, it has the function of automatic and manual switching.

    3) Using special gear lubricating grease, the change of ambient temperature has little influence on the load speed of the motor, which ensures that the motor drive and valve closing time change is small, and it can work stably;

    4) Low vibration and low noise;

    5) Small size, light weight and cost- effective.

    Design drawing of electric actuator motor of gas regulating valve.jpg

    4. Future prototype planning and further optimization in the field

    Adopt brushless motor with gear box transmission structure, eliminate carbon brush sparks, further improve product reliability, reduce failure rate, at the same time, reduce noise to below 40dB, increase the service life of the motor, and improve consumer experience.

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