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    Brief Analysis PMDC Motor For Solar Heliostat

    The importance of solar heliostat.

    Nowadays, countries all over the world pay more attention to the solar thermal utilization technology. However, among all the solar thermal utilization technologies, tower solar thermal power generation technology is one of the most promising technical means to achieve high-power power generation and replace conventional energy sources because of its advantages of high efficiency concentration and high heat absorption temperature.


    Tower solar thermal power generation system is usually composed of heliostats group, solar tower, receiver, power generation device and energy storage system. Among them, the heliostat is an indispensable and important part of the tower solar thermal power generation system. Its realize the function of track, capture, gather and project sunlight, provide the solar energy required for the entire system, and is the basis for achieving solar thermal power generation. 


    The traditional horizontal and pitch motor always adopt AC induction motor or brushless servo motor. AC induction motor gets lower efficiency, so when generate electricity, the motor itself consume a large amount of electrical energy, resulting in low power generation efficiency. Brushless servo motor gets higher efficiency, but the cost of the motor& driving part is also higher, for the overall, it will also cause the high cost of power generation.


    The advantages of PMDC motor.

    Compared to AC induction motor and brushless servo motor, PMDC motor gets the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and mature manufacturing process at the same output level, therefore it is a very high cost performance.


    Through two motors and a high proportion deceleration mechanism, the solar tracking system can be fine-tuned. Through the horizontal and pitch adjustments, the sensor signal feedback can complete the real-time accurate tracking of sunlight, heliostats reflect sunlight to the collector at the top of the tower.

    Power Motor's effort to optimize the PMDC motor for solar heliostat.

    Power Motor optimizes the internal structure of PMDC to make it low noise, stable and reliable operation, long life and high protection level (IP65). Considering most of the equipment is located in the desert, geographical area with large temperature difference ,  motor mechanical components are all designed to adapt impact of high and low temperatures and frequent starting.


    PMDC motors for solar heliostat application, because most of the project are located in a desolate geographical location in an unmanned area, the maintenance cost of its equipment is relatively high. In the future, we will focus on the long-term reliability of products to reduce equipment maintenance costs. At the same time, the versatility and integration of motor parts and reasonable optimization of internal structure will be the key research directions.

    products for Solar Heliostat

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