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    Electric Struts Motor for Tail Door

    The tail door for vehicles is always heavy, especially those commercial vehicles or off-road vehicles. For many weak people such as elders and woman, to open a non-electric tail door is very difficult because of the heavyweight and the opening angle small, even though for stronger people, it is still a big problem for them to open the tail door when they have many things in their hands, non-standard operation may even result in safety accident.


    The benefits of installing the electric struts motor.

    1. The tail door can be opened and closed electrically by pressing the tail door key, remote control, or other sensors, even the tail door motor-powered off, it is also convenient for us to go back to manual mode to open and close the tailgate.

    2. The electric tail door can avoid the safety accident as it will control the door to operate to the contrary direction immediately when an obstacle is encountered in the opening and closing action.

    3. Electric struts motor can be equipped with practical memory function, when we open the tail door, the system will record the pre-set height and stop here automatically.

    Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s request for the convenience of vehicle functions, automotive technology is more and more mature, the competition between different automobile enterprise/models is also intensified, electric struts door is no more limited to the high-end vehicles, more and more enterprise start to make the electric tail door as a standard configuration even to mid-low models.

    How the electric tail door works.

    The structure of an electric strut is generally composed of an inner tube and an outer tube. For the inner tube, the electric strut motor driver a threaded spindle together with the gearbox, and the threaded spindle drives the strut to expand and contract on the threaded nut fixed inside the outer tube, thereby opening or closing the tailgate.


    Electric tail doors are mostly seen in the vehicle which gets heavy and bigger tailgate, such as SUV/MPV. The market share of SUV/MPV is gradually increasing year by year, the electric strut motor is also expanding rapidly.

    Power Motor owned more than 100 experienced R&D engineers, we creatively adopted leading simulation method to design software and experimental equipment. With 19-year motor design experience accumulation, we redesigned the planetary gear to make the motor transmit the torque to lead screw smooth and steady so that the motor gets a low-level noise. We use a rare-earth magnet to promote the performance of the motor to make it carry the heavier and bigger tail doors.


    The development direction of tail door motor.

    Power Motor is now cooperating with some high-end customers to develop new tail door strut motor and we predict the develop development directions as below:

    1. Cost optimization

    By optimizing the transmission efficiency of the gears, the magnetic field strength requirements of the motor can be reduced, thereby it is possible for us to use less expensive ferrite magnets to replace the rare-earth magnets.  By optimizing the gear design and structural strength, plastic gears may replace the metal gears to reduce the cost.

    2. Optimize the NVH of the motor.

    3. Optimize the efficiency and intelligent control of the entire motor system. For example, adopt brushless motor is more conducive to the development of electric vehicles and smart vehicles.

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