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    High-end Automotive Electric Seat BLDC Motor Solution

    Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the rapid improvement of people's living standards, automobiles have become a daily means of transportation. Since 2009, my country has become the world's largest producer and consumer of automobiles for 10 consecutive years. The comfort of all aspects of the car is also gradually improving. The electric seat is to reduce the long-term tension of muscles and bones caused by long-term driving, which may cause mental fatigue, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, and other chronic diseases. Seat adjustment came into being, which can meet the requirements of different positions,just need to press the front and rear, height or angle adjustment buttons, the electric seat can adjust the front and rear position, seat cushion height and backrest angle at any time to meet the seat position of users with different sizes At the same time, it is safer and more accurate in position accuracy than manual adjustment during driving.

    At present, there are many types of automobile electric seat adjustment motors on the market. Basically, they are mainly brushed motors. Brushed motors have large volume, low efficiency, high noise, and short life. The adjustment speed cannot be changed according to passenger requirements. Problems such as large deviation of adjustment accuracy and memory position and large motor resonance have always been difficult problems for electric seats in the existing market.

    premium car electric seat motor of brushless solution

    To solve the various problems of electric seats in the existing market, Power Motor designs and customizes High-end Automotive Electric Seat BLDC Motor Solution for fast adjustment of the front and rear of the automobile electric seats through the design of brushless motors and combined with various control systems. This motor has a small outer diameter (30mm) and a large locked-rotor torque (up to 0.7N.m). According to customer requirements, the fastest adjustment speed of the motor can reach more than 10000rpm (compared to the existing seat front and rear adjustment speed more than 3 times), and the seat can quickly reach the initial memory position. It is effective for the self-driving car seat to fast return to the initial position and quickly provide space for the rear passengers to get on and off the car. Normal running noise of the motor is below 35 decibels, and the motor efficiency is above 85%. Due to the built-in PCBA, better EMC level and more precise positioning can be designed. For the existing electric seats, the adjustment of the start noise can achieve a soft start and reach a relatively silent.

    Noise & Speed

    Motor three-way vibration value at 8000rpm

    Motor performance curve

    The three HALL induction elements in the existing design PCB of Power Motor are more accurate for motor start and position induction. The next step will be to optimize the use of brushless motors instead of brush motors and to further replace brush backrest angle adjustment motors and height adjustment motors. The superiority of the performance of brushless seat adjustment motors will be widely used in autonomous vehicles.

    Power Motor has nearly 10 years of experience in motor customization engineering, especially on seat motor has accumulated large motor prototype database for customer reference or choice, optional matching controller or encoder, a specific reduction ratio precision gearbox, quickly according to customer needs to custom a motor solution meet or exceed customer demand. Power Motor has been a reliable motor provider and manufacturer since 2001.  More information on the  seat BLDC motor solution, Please contact our sales engineer.(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com)

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