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    Height&angle Adjustment Motor For Steering Wheel

    The steering wheel is the most direct communication channel between humans and vehicle. With the increasing of aging and obese people,a problem gradually emerged. As the steering wheel limits the leg space of cab, it’s very difficult to these old and fat drivers to get on and off vehicle.


    Why electric steering wheel?

    Currently,almost all the home-owned vehicle are manual adjustment for the steering wheel which is time-consuming and laborious,and it can’t meet the requirements for accurate and rapid adjustment.The steering wheel with electric adjustment configuration is generally only found on luxury vehicles.   


    With the improvement of economic level and productivity, ergonomics and high technology is developing rapidly now, the focus point of consumption has changed from practical to comfort, the steering wheel adjustment motor come into being under this background.


    How electric steering wheel works?

    We adjust the front&rear angles and up&down space through 2 electrical motors, the purpose is not only make people with different height and body type can easily get on and off the cab, but also let them get a comfortable leg space and steering wheel angle when driving. Especially those electrical motors with memory function , when people start the vehicle, the steering wheel can go to the pre-set position automatically; when off the car, the steering wheel back to the default position, with this function, drivers can get a large space when get on and off the vehicle which can make them having a comfortable driving experience.

    Against the earlier period of NVH design and later period of NVH verification, Power Motor has done many precise adjustment to the turbine, worm transmission and motor itself, to make it have characteristics with low noise, stable operation, long life, light weight, small volume, no abnormal sound and the EMC test can meet CISPR 25 Level 3.


    The development direction of steering wheel motor.

    With the advantages of low noise and smaller volume compare with brushed motor, brushless motor will be more and more adopted by steering wheel it was also the development direction in the future ,Power Motor is now developing brus steering wheel brushless motor with quality customers on the automotive field.

    products for Steering Wheel Adjustment

    High Torque Steering Wheel  DC Gearbox Motor

    High Torque Steering Wheel DC Gearbox Motor


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