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    Laboratory Centrifuge Motor Solutions

    Laboratory centrifuges are small centrifuges specialized in experimental analysis. Centrifuge is an instrument that simulates the earth's gravitational field generated by an object rotating around a fixed axis of rotation by centrifugal force, causing the object to settle, thereby separating the fractions of different densities and different molecules in the substance. The technology that uses centrifugal sedimentation to analyze and separate substances is called centrifugal technology. At present, various centrifuges and centrifugal technologies have been widely used in scientific research and production departments, and have become one of the important instruments and equipment for modern scientific research. This series is widely applied in experiments and scientific researches of various fields such as biochemistry, genetic engineering, forestry science, food safety, blood stations, clinical test, etc

    At present, laboratory centrifuges on the market use AC series motors and brushless inverter motors.

    Due to the Toner pollution, Laboratory centrifuges need installing in a dedicated room with loud noise and can not work in a sterile, dust-free laboratory, Replace carbon brushes regularly

    The brushless variable frequency motor has low efficiency; high noise at high frequencies; low starting torque; large starting current; low-speed regulation accuracy.

    To solve the various problems of laboratory centrifuges on the market, Power Motor has developed a high performance Centrifuge Brushless DC Motor Solution.  Optimize the efficiency of each speed point through the use of DC brushless motors and FOC vector control, and at effective poor centrifugal effect caused by speed fluctuations. The overall noise reduced to below 60 decibels.

    The current design of Power Motor brushless motor separated from the controller. The solution type is a 15000rpm high-speed centrifuge. In the future, the integrated design of motor and control will be considered to reduce the failure rate and improve assembly efficiency. At the same time, it will also develop an ultra-high-speed centrifuge solution above 30,000 rpm.

    Power Motor has nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization engineering, especially on  centrifuge accumulated large motor prototype database for customer reference or choice, optional matching controller or encoder and precision gearbox, quickly according to customer needs to custom a motor solution meet or exceed customer demand. Power Motor has been a reliable motor provider and manufacturer since 2001.  More information about the  centrifuge BLDC motor solution, Please contact our sales engineer.(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com)

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