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    Brief Analysis Of Shaded Pole Motor For The Sputum Aspirator

    Sputum Aspirator-A good helper for family.

    With the continuous development of medical technology, a medical device for the treatment of bronchial asthma becomes increasingly common-sputum aspirator,which is also one of the auxiliary equipment against the Covid-19.

    According to relevant institutions, the Covid-19 will last for quite a long time all over the world, in this special period and the long-term future, sputum aspirator is still the hot sale product.


    Generally, sputum aspirator adopt the shaded pole motor.

    Principle of shaded pole motor.

    The stator assembly of the shaded pole motor is composed of iron core and main&secondary winding windings, the shading coil is the secondary, it generates the excitation potential and form a rotating magnetic field in the air gap.

    The rotor assembly is composed of iron core and squirrel-cage bar, squirrel-cage is the winding conductor of rotor, it generates the induced electromagnetic force when it cuts the magnetic field in the air gap and form an induced current&electromagnetic torque, to realize the conversion of electrical energy and mechanical energy.

    The shaded pole motor get the advantages of low noise, stable and reliable, without electromagnetic interference.


    Power Motor’s customized solution for sputum aspirator.

    1)Power motor adopt the ball bearings which can help to extend the service life even under high load.

    2)Optional voltage from 100-240V, wattage is also optional according to customer’s requirement.

    3)Customized outer shaft and shell interface configuration

    4)Customized ball bearing sleeve for the outer shaft which can absorb impact when operation, it’s very helpful to reduce the noise and extend the service life.


    Power Motor owned PS60 and PS63 mature motor platforms for sputum aspirator, we already developed many models of sputum aspirator and nebulizer together with our customers.


    products for Sputum Suction

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