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    Brushed DC motor solution for ultra-high-power handheld mixer

    In the increasingly technologically advanced human society, in contemporary family life, who does not have a few indispensable "cooking skills"? Following the soymilk machine and food processor, the hand-held blender, a small household appliance, was born. This small household appliance that can make multi-purpose food has become a favorite choice for families. A household portable mixer is a small household appliance that is different from a juicer and a food processor but has some of the functions of the above two. It can thoroughly crush and mix food with a very sharp blade. Besides, another feature is that it can stir food at different speeds to produce food that is more in line with personal taste.

    At present, the motors in household hand mixers on the market are generally 5 series and 7 series DC brush motors. However, the DC brush motors of hand mixers on the market have a small torque, which makes it difficult to break hard foods and stir viscous liquids. Could not meet the requirements of diverse recipes.


    The DC brush motor of the hand-held mixer on the market has a small torque, it is difficult to break the liquid with large hardness and viscosity, and it is increasingly unable to meet the requirements of diversified recipes. Power Motor has been designed the outer diameter motor has optimized the external structure and internal magnetic circuit structure of the motor, increasing the motor power from 1000W to 2000W, and the service life also improved. The motor solution has been tested by the customer for the relevant functions of the whole machine, and has received many users praise in the market.

    Power Motors will continue to explore and research to enhance the heat dissipation of the motor itself so that the life of the motor will be longer and the production cost of the motor will be further reduced, and it will further penetrate the field of hand-held mixer motors. With nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization, Power Motor has accumulated millions of reference prototypes and can quickly custom electric motor solutions according to customer needs. For more technical support, please contact our sales engineer(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com).

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