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    High-power mixer AC universal motor solution

    As a high-power, high-torque, multi-purpose motor, the high-power mixer motor has a very powerful stirring ability, and has the functions of stirring ice cubes and stirring fish, fresh meat, fruits, etc.; meeting the needs of commercial and household versatility It satisfies the people’s pursuit of high-quality life, brings convenience to people’s lives, and improves the quality of life. However, the traditional blender has a relatively simple function, that is, the food is stirred and crushed at a general high speed. Just crush the food. But now with the improvement of people's quality of life, everyone is beginning to focus on physical and mental health and the pursuit of health preservation. The requirements for mixer noise are becoming more and more stringent, so the requirements for mixers are getting higher and higher. Correspondingly, the requirements for mixer motors will also be higher and higher.

    At present, there are many types of mixers on the market, with different shapes, some use AC series motors, and some use DC motors, but DC motors have low speed and low torque, which is difficult to meet the requirements of high-power mixers. AC series motors have large torque and high-power function. At present, mixers on the market pursue high power and high torque, ignoring the need for noise and functionalization. It did not consider combining the needs of both commercial and domestic use to develop products.

    High-power mixer AC universal motor

    According to the many problems encountered by mixers on the market, Power Motor has successfully developed a high-power mixer motor program with nearly 20 years of motor development experience. By optimizing the motor structure and motor parts materials, the output power is increased to 1600W or more. High, and by optimizing the motor parts, it can meet the customer's low noise requirements at low speeds. The noise is very mild at 300~500 speeds. There is no loud noise and abnormal noise when high-power motors run at low speeds. The motor is optimized through innovation. The structure meets the customer's non-abnormal life requirements of at least 2000 rapid start and stops times. This not only satisfies the customer's high-power requirements (such as commercial milk tea shops for breaking the ice) but also meet customer requirements under low speed and low noise (such as household chopped fruits and vegetables). it has been widely recognized and praised by consumers in European and American countries.

    Power Motor existing PU95.88.80 series motor further compresses the volume of the motor, improves the performance and load capacity of the motor, makes the mixer motor more compact, flatter, higher power density, and more intelligent and comprehensive. In this way, helps customers' products gain a greater competitive advantage. At the same time, the stator enameled wire was changed from copper wire to pure aluminum enameled wire, innovatively optimized the structure and parts of the motor, reduce the price and cost of the motor, increase the cost and competitiveness of the motor. With nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization, Power Motor has accumulated millions of reference prototypes and can quickly custom electric motor solutions according to customer needs. For more technical support, please contact our sales engineer(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com).

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