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    PMDC Motor For Coffee Grinder


    Coffee grinder is a common tool which grinds coffee beans into coffee powder. Coffee grinder grinds coffee bean through the motor drives the cutter, and by adjust the speed of the motor, we can get coffee powder with different size. It is a companion tool for rival coffee or semi-automatic coffee machines, and all the coffee grinder can be classified into household type and commercial type.

    Brushless dc motor for coffee grinder

    Normally, commercial coffee grinder adopt AC asynchronous motor to driver the cutter to grind coffee beans, easy to operate and low noise at the same time. But it gets the disadvantages of low efficiency, big size and hard to control the speed, to avoid there defects, Power Motor designed brushless PMDC motor which is easy for speed control, small size and low noise.

    PMDC motor for coffee grinder

    Household grinders usually adopt PMDC motor to drive the cutter to grind coffee beans, though its size is small but it can not work for long time and the life is relatively short. Power Motor optimized the PMDC motor for coffee grinder particularly which can extend working hours and service life.



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