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    Brief Analysis Micro Motors For Full-automatic Coffee Machine

    Full-automatic coffee machine is a practical machine which can realize the entire process of make a cup of coffee by simply press a button. For a full-automatic coffee machine, the coffee bean grinder part is very important as it will affect the quality and taste.


    There are two types of coffee bean grinding functions in full-automatic coffee machines: one is a high-speed bean blender,  the other is low speed grinder.

    1. High speed blender: 

    We always adopt AC universal motor for high speed blender which used for coffee grinder.  AC universal motor gets the characteristic of high speed of 20,000 rpm and above which can quickly break the coffee bean into powder so to reduce the time of making a cup of coffee. But if we use AC universal motor for the high speed blender, we can’t control the particle size of coffee powder and the noise is a little higher compared to other type of motor.

    Power Motor designed PU5421 series AC universal motor for high speed coffee bean blender particularly, which can effectively improve the uniformity of coffee powder, and the noise is also lower than traditional AC universal motor.

    2. Low speed grinder:

    We always adopt PMDC gear motor for low speed grinder which used for coffee grinder. PMDC motor gets the characteristics of high torque at low speed which can drive the grinding cutter to finely grind the coffee beans, to make the coffee powder uniformly and the noise is also low.

    Power Motor designed PGM.W63 series PMDC gear motor for low speed coffee bean grinder particularly, which can effectively improve the grinding speed and the compact design is good for reduce the size of coffee machine.

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