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    Coffee Machine Motor Technology and Complete Solutions

    At present, some coffee machines on the market are divided into automatic coffee machines and coffee grinders. A automatic coffee machine refers to a machine that can make a cup of coffee just by pressing a button, realizing the automation of the whole process from grinding coffee beans to brewing coffee with hot water. The grinder in the automatic coffee machine is particularly important for the quality of coffee, and it is divided into two types: high-speed grinder and low-speed grinder. The stand-alone coffee grinder is a machine that grinds coffee beans into coffee powders of various thicknesses. It is divided into commercial grinders and household grinders. tool. Whether it is a fully automatic coffee machine or a coffee grinder, the core component is the motor that drives the grinding disc. In this article, Power Motor engineers will discuss the above two different coffee machine motor technologies and solutions to help coffee machine customers solve the motor technical bottlenecks and problems encountered in the process of product upgrading or new project research and development.

    Fully automatic coffee machine motor technology and two solutions:

    • The high-speed bean maker in the automatic coffee machine usually uses a brushed AC series motor, which is characterized by a relatively high working speed of the motor, generally greater than or equal to 20000RPM, which can quickly break the coffee beans into powder and improve the speed of coffee making. The disadvantage is that there is no way to control the particle size of the coffee powder, and the noise is relatively large. The high-speed bean machine motor solution designed by Power Motors for well-known coffee machine companies adopts the AC universal motor (PU5421 series). Through the control of the speed and the innovative design, it can effectively improve the uniformity of coffee powder thickness, And the working noise is low.

       PU5421 series AC universal motors for The high-speed bean maker .jpg

    • The low-speed grinder in the automatic coffee machine uses a DC gearbox motor with low speed and high torque to drive the coffee grinder to grind the coffee beans finely, so the thickness of the coffee particles can be precisely controlled, and the particles are very uniform and the noise is very low. The downside is that the grinding speed is relatively slow. The low-speed grinder motor solution designed by Power Motors for well-known coffee machine companies uses a DC gearbox motor (PGM.W63 series). Through high-performance DC motor and precision turbine worm gear box, it can effectively improve the grinding speed to control the degree of uniform grinding of coffee beans, and reduce the volume of the grinder at the same time.

      PGM.W63 series DC gearbox motors for The low-speed grinder  .jpg

    Coffee grinder motor technology and two solutions:

    • Commercial coffee grinders usually use an AC asynchronous motor to drive the cutter head, which can adjust the demand for coffee powder in various ways. The operation is simple, the noise is relatively low, and it can work for a long time. However, this type of motor generally has problems such as low grinding efficiency, inability to adjust the working speed, relatively large volume, and low energy efficiency level. Through extensive market research and continuous research and test verification, Power Motors has cooperated with internationally renowned commercial coffee machine brands to successfully apply brushless DC motors (PBL12070 series) to commercial coffee bean grinders. This commercial coffee bean grinder motor solution It can greatly improve the energy efficiency level, adjust the working speed according to various needs, small size and low noise.

      PBL12070 series brushless DC motors for commercial coffee grinders .jpg

    • Household coffee grinders usually use a permanent magnet DC motor to drive the cutter head, which can adjust the thickness of the coffee powder. The volume is relatively small, but it cannot work for a long time and has a short lifespan. The home coffee grinder motor solution developed by Power Motor adopts permanent magnet DC motor (PT3438 series or PT2642 series), which can not only accurately adjust the thickness of coffee powder, but also effectively prolong the working time and improve the overall performance of the machine. life.

    PT3438 series or PT2642 series permanent magnet DC motors for ousehold coffee grinders.jpg

    For more coffee machine motor technology and solutions, please contact us by email.(info.power@power-motor.com

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