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    Portable Hand Blender DC Motor Solution

    1. Basic Situation of Kitchen Portable blender Market 

    As an important member of kitchen appliances, portable blenders can be used to beat juice, nuts, eggs, slice (vegetables), beef, cheese, etc. Because of the miniaturization of the portable mixing structure, the functions of the mixer are diverse. Advantages, one machine is multi-purpose, more and more favored by consumers, bringing people's life and food more and more rich, improving people's quality of life.

    2. Market Needs or Pain Points

    At present, there are many types of hand-held blenders on the market. Basically, they are all corded permanent magnet high-voltage DC brush motors. People need to plug in the product during use, which greatly reduces the limitations of cordless portable blenders use field (indoor and outdoor). There is a special socket for use), which brings great inconvenience to people's lives; the cordless blender has a relatively large loss in use efficiency, because the high-voltage motor DC to AC needs full-wave rectification, and the efficiency is only about 60%; , it is inevitable that water will touch or splash on the live parts of the power cord, which greatly increases the risk of electric shock and endangers personal safety.

    3. Portable Hand Blender DC Motor Solution of Power Motor

    In order to solve the defects of the existing motors in the market in terms of efficiency and belting, Power Motor has changed the traditional way through research and design, through the combination structure of low-voltage DC motors and rechargeable battery pack PCB board components, reducing people The pain of not being able to use the socket, it is used more widely (indoor and outdoor), no longer worry about whether there is a socket problem, as long as it is fully charged, it can be said to be used at will, safe and efficient; the motor efficiency has increased from about 60% to more than 70%; The introduction of the rechargeable cordless hand mixer greatly improves the user experience and effect.

    Portable Hand Blender DC Motor Solution: PT555PM series and PT2730 series.jpg

    4. Future prototype planning and further optimization in the field 

    In the future, the rechargeable cordless high-end market for home appliances is an inevitable trend in the development of the motor industry. Solving the various troubles of conventional use of corded plug-in in the market, Power Motor takes advantage of its own advantages, and is willing to run at the forefront of the motor industry in the field of cordless charging technology; adapting to the market and meeting customer needs, the rechargeable cordless portable blender is further optimized in terms of volume, function and safety design.

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