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    BLDC Motor For Hand Dryer

    With the development of technology and consumers demand changes, various of new hand dryer with different shape and size come into the market.

    The traditional hand dryer adopt AC brushed motor, and due to its relatively big size, the hand dryer is always big, heavy and short life, takes up a lot of space.


    Motor is the most important part to hand dryer, and for hand dryer industry benefits to design new generation hand dryer product with advantages of high power density, nice exterior, motor manufacturer must design a motor which get the advantages of small size, light weight, long life, high efficiency, high wind speed, low power consumption and low noise.

    According to the latest requirements for the hand dryer, Power Motor designed a BLDC motor-PBL1814 which get high speed(100,000rpm), high wind speed(18m/s) small size(29*50mm only) to satisfy the hand dryer product.

    The key for the ultra-high speed brushless motor production is “Accuracy”, both in parts accuracy, and assembly accuracy.



    Abnormal noise caused by the resonance of the special frequency of the motor is another difficulty. We’v been trying to improve the accuracy of the motor by optimize the structural design, control accuracy and reduce the abnormal noise, to make users get better experience.


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