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    Brief Analysis of the Brushless DC Motor for Kitchen Robot

    Kitchen Robot(Multi-Function cooking machine) combines more than 10 kinds of kitchen appliances into one, the functions include weighing, mixing, chopping, grinding, shortener, whipping, cooking, heat controlling, stirring and so on. The kitchen robot is one kind of time product which is very helpful and useful to those modern families, it is not only makes cooking more easily for families but also reduces the requirement for the kitchen space. At present, there are 3 mainstream types of kitchen robot motor solutions on the market: switched reluctance motors, AC universal motors, and brushless DC motors.

    1, High-end kitchen robot adopts switched reluctance(SR) motor to achieve multi-function. 

    Due to the characteristics, SR motor can achieve high/low-speed function, but it gets obvious defects, that is when the speed exceeds 10,000rpm, serious electromagnetic noise start to appear and it is unbearable to some sensitive people or patient.


    2, The low-end kitchen robot adopts AC universal combines gear transmission mechanical methods to achieve multi-functional applications. 

    For AC universal motor, though the high-speed performance can meet the kitchen robot requirements,  but the low-speed performance cannot meet the requirements alone unless combining with gear transmission structure. So that is why the whole product always get a bigger size, gear transmission noise and motor noise itself are also inevitable, the result is such kind of product always gives customers terrible feelings. And because of the abrasion of the carbon brush, the kitchen robot always get shorter working life.


    3, Brushless DC Motor can achieve multi-function of kitchen robot and avoid all the disadvantages at the same time. 

    Brushless DC Motor can avoid the electromagnetic noise compared with the SR motor for high speed, for low speed at 60rpm, brushless dc motor can also operate stable to achieve noodle mixing function. The brushless dc motor gets the same performance with AC universal motor at high speed, and big torque with SR motor at low speed, so the kitchen robot will be smaller size when using brushless dc motor, the high efficiency and long life of brushless dc motor is the guarantee of kitchen robot.


    The development trend of Cooking Machine

    Due to the advantages of low noise, small size and big torque at low speed, brushless dc motor which used for kitchen robot is the development direction in the future, Power Motor willing to cooperate with customers who want to gain deeper in this field and help them to win more marketing share.


    Kitchen Robot Brushless DC Motor Multi-function cook machine BLDC Motor

    Kitchen Robot Brushless DC Motor Multi-function cook machine BLDC Motor

    Model:PBL7640 series

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