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    AC Universal Gearbox Motor for Food Chopper

    The food chopper is no longer just a single function kitchen product, it is now a small size multi-function food processor, consumers can use it to grind meat/garlic/chili/seasonings and so on.

    Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to food health, food chopper is the best product of time, it is very convenient to use and it can help save a lot of time on cooking, so it is become one of the most popular product in the kitchen.


    Power Motor designed an integrated solution which is combine the AC universal motor to gearbox to satisfy the requirement of high torque and miniaturization at the same time.

    AC Universal motor get the advantages of high speed, small volume, light weight, high starting torque, wide range of speed adjustment, which is very suitable for mass production.

    While the planetary gear box get the advantages of small volume, high efficiency, heavy load, balance transmission, low noise and low cost.


    Power Motor's new design for food chopper

    We combined the AC universal and planetary gear box together which can achieve wider range of high speed adjustment, improve output torque. The gear always adopt metallic powder materials which can be designed into a variety of shapes such as plum clips, it is very convenient to quick connection and it’s sturdy and wearable.

    This compact design is not only meet the performance requirements, but also make the volume smaller which is more conducive to the appearance design of the meat chopper, and it is also a very economical solution.

    Power Motor launched the integrated solution-AC universal gear box motor get the advantages of small volume, high torque at low speed, low cost and different transmission ratios according to customer’s need; Power Motor provided wide range(54mm to 98mm) AC universal platform for customers to choose from and design different wattage motor according to the meat chopper at the same time.

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