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    Hand-held egg beater DC motor solution

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the application of egg beater is more and more extensive. Egg beater is a kind of very strong practically kitchen tool, which can fully mix the egg whites and yolks into foam individually, it is very convenient when we want to do steamed egg or cake. egg beater is a simplified version in mixer families, the newest generation egg beater have the dual-function at the same time which are egg mix and kneading dough.

    The traditional egg beater gets the advantage of high speed but weak load capacity; while kneading dough request for big torque but the speed should not too must because it well affect the taste of the noodle.  Currently, most of the egg beaters in the market adopt AC universal motor with a gearbox, it can not seeing both the high speed and big torque, and even get the disadvantages of high noise, heavy weight and bulky at the same time which always bring the bad experience for users.


    In order to solve the existing AC universal motors on the market in the volume, weight, noise, low efficiency, small torque defects. Our R&D team through innovative design, change the traditional mode of the AC motor and gearbox, the use of integration of permanent magnet DC motor and worm gear matching technology, launched a new generation of portable egg beater DC motors, light weight (0.45 Kg), small volume, low noise (65-75 db), high efficiency (58%) and torque (0.5 - 0.7 N.m) big advantages.The egg beater motor scheme can simultaneously meet the two functions of beating egg and kneading dough, and well solve the contradiction between speed and torque, so that the egg beater can output high speed when beating egg white, and low speed and high torque when kneading dough.This can greatly improve the user experience.

    Hand-held DC motor for egg beater has been mass-produced and put on the market. Power Motor will continue to optimize the design through research and development to design a safer and more efficient motor scheme to meet the demand of egg beater market. With nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization, Power Motor has accumulated obvious technical advantages and can quickly custom various types of electric motor solutions.For more technical support, please contact our sales engineer(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com).

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