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    Brief Analysis PMDC Motor For Hand Mixe

    What is the hand mixer?

    Hand mixer is a kind of very strong practically kitchen tool, which can fully mix the egg whites and yolks into foam individually, it is very convenient when we want to do steamed egg or cake. Hand mixer is a simplified version in mixer families, the newest generation hand mixer have the dual-function at the same time which are egg mix and kneading dough.


    The develop direction of hand mixer.

    The traditional hand mixer gets the advantage of high speed but weak load capacity; while kneading dough request for big torque but the speed should not too must because it well affect the taste of the noodle.  Currently, most of the hand mixers in the market adopt AC motor, it can not seeing both the high speed and big torque, and even get the disadvantages of high noise, heavy weight and bulky at the same time which always bring the bad experience for users.

    Power Motor’s newest generation hand mixer PMDC motor which can seeing both the egg mix and kneading dough, provided a best solution to seeing high speed and big torque at the same time.

    The hand mixer motor adopts integrated worm processing technology to get the advantages of light weight, low noise, small size , and all these optimizations can greatly improve the user’s experience.

    Here is the newest hand mixer PMDC motor solution designed by Power Motor.



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