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    Cooling air duct solution for large-torque multifunctional cooking machine

    AC series motors are widely used in household appliances. Among them, for household cook machines, the current market mostly uses series motors 88 and 98. Because cook machines have multi-function requirements, both ends of the motor have output requirements. The large torque end uses a worm structure. For ground meat or kneading, use the connector at the high speed end, use the mixing cup to make juice and other functions. The traditional motor is unilateral output, and the cooling fan is at the opposite end of the motor output end or a small fan is attached to the rotor. Cool down the motor.

    In order to realize the diversification of functions on the market, the motor performance of the current cook machine needs to be higher; the volume of the motor will be relatively large, and at the same time, because the motor has a 2-terminal output, the installation of the motor cooling fan is a problem; so the market has made the motor bigger to meet The temperature rise is required, or the heat generated by the motor cannot be released in time when the user of the whole machine uses it, and there is a peculiar smell, which brings a bad experience.

    multifunctional cooking machine1multifunctional cooking machine2

    Chef machines on the market are generally used for high-power and multi-function, and the cooling of the motor is necessary when the whole machine is running. In response to the market demand for home cook machines, Power Motor has provided solutions. By optimizing the motor assembly and motor structure, Power Motor added a wind hood and a centrifugal forced cooling fan to the motor stator to maintain the output function of the motor 2. At the same time, it reduced the motor volume based on the same nominal power motor in the market. cut costs.

    For the above design has been mass-produced and put on the market, the follow-up research and development direction optimizes the design based on the existing structure, improves the motor function, further reduces the motor volume, optimizes the cooling fan on the output end connector, and further reduces the motor material cost and processing cost; Continuously improve user experience. With nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization, Power Motor has accumulated obvious technical advantages and can quickly custom various types of electric motor solutions.For more technical support, please contact our sales engineer(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com).


    Kitchen Robot Brushless DC Motor Multi-function cook machine BLDC Motor

    Kitchen Robot Brushless DC Motor Multi-function cook machine BLDC Motor

    Model:PBL7640 series

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