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    Intelligent Stir-Fry Machine Motor Solution

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the pace of life of urbanites is gradually accelerating. Nowadays, people are getting busy and lazy. Regarding the issue of eating every day, many people are more willing to order fast food instead of cooking by themselves. Most people find it troublesome, that is, to prepare ingredients and clean the kitchen after meals. It is not as convenient as ordering a takeaway. Now there is a very magical thing, the intelligent cooking robot, which can solve our eating and cooking problems, and solve the health concerns of ordering take-out meals. As long as you prepare the ingredients in advance, and then make the corresponding dish selection on the machine screen, you can make delicious food in about 3 minutes. Moreover, there is no oily smoke during the operation and achieved the automatic cleaning. Its craftsmanship is also excellent, with thousands of menus of various cuisines in the cloud. Each dish has a taste and healthy formula suitable for different people. Can be compared to an excellent exclusive chef

    At present, there are many kinds of cooking robots on the market, and they use a brushless motor + gearbox structure. For continuous use in high temperature and high humidity environment, there have been problems such as short motor life, insufficient protection level, and loud noise after long-term use. These are always difficulties in the existing market.

    For a device such as an intelligent cooking robot, the stir-frying motor is the core component of the robot. The high temperature and high humidity of the working environment, the corrosion of the internal oil fume, and the small amount of water during cleaning are very important. More stringent special requirements. This brushless motor designed by Power Motors strives for perfection. In the special use links proposed by customers, the internal and external structures of the motor are fully optimized. Under the conditions of ensuring an effective protection level, it is also necessary to fully consider the product batch Production assembly process and how to improve production efficiency. After several program evaluations, the product can meet the final needs after the customer's various functional tests and life tests of the whole machine.

    Stir-Fry Machine Motor Solution

    The existing design of Power Motors has improved the optimization of product functions through the application of new technologies and new materials, that is, solving the problem of product protection, improving the reliability of product structure, and reducing the trouble of structural wear and noise. In the next step, we will provide the brushless motor drive scheme optimization according to customer needs, provide customers with better product customization, and continue to promote the progress of industry technology.

    Power Motor has nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization engineering, especially on stir fryer machine motor has accumulated large motor prototype database for customer reference or choice, optional matching controller or encoder, quickly according to customer needs to custom a motor solution meet or exceed customer demand. Power Motor has been a reliable motor provider and manufacturer since 2001.  More information on the  smart stir-frying machine motor solution, Please contact our sales engineer.(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com)

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