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    Closestool Pump DC Motor Solution

    The toilet is an intimate "good helper and good partner" in people's lives. As long as the button is pressed, people's worries are taken away by it. The toilet is not only an essential daily necessity for people at home, if conditions permit, people also want to use their toilets. Nowadays, there are more and more wealthy people, and their lives are becoming more and more leisurely. Some people carry private toilets when they go out on vacation. For example, when driving a yacht to see, there is a yacht toilet; when driving an RV, there is an RV toilet. However, how to improve the flushing capacity of the toilet has also become an urgent problem. Adding a toilet pump to toilet design is the most effective solution.

     The difference between RV and yacht toilets and home toilets is the water source for flushing the toilet. The household toilet has a steady stream of tap water used to flush the toilet. Motorhomes and yachts can only store limited water when going out. The water pressure formed by the storage water of RVs and yachts is inherently low, and water needs to be saved, so it will cause problems such as incomplete flushing, unclean toilets, and insufficient sewage discharge capacity.

    RV and Yacht Toilet Pump DC Motor

    RV and yacht toilets rely on traditional water storage to form water pressure, which cannot achieve the effect of cleaning and thoroughly flushing the toilet to discharge sewage. In response to this problem of the RV and yacht toilet, Power Motor improved the design of the motor through independent research and development and designed a DC motor suitable for the toilet pump to achieve a boost effect. The applicable voltage of the motor is designed at 12~24VDC, the outer diameter of the casing is 100mm, and the length of the motor is 61mm. The motor is flat, compact in structure, and space-saving. By optimizing the design of the motor structure, it can achieve a quiet effect. The highest efficiency of the motor is 68.5% and the torque is 580mN.m. The use of a large enough torque motor with the pump body can effectively improve the suction of the water pump. The increased flushing force of the toilet can achieve a thorough and clean sewage discharge with less water.

    The next step of Power Motor design will continue to optimize, achieve more precise control, and use brushless motors to replace the existing brush motors to achieve higher intelligent requirements

    Power Motor has nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization engineering, accumulated large motor sample for reference, quickly according to customer needs to custom a motor solution meet or exceed customer demand.  More information on motor solution, Please contact our sales engineer.(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com)

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