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    Dry and Wet Dual - purpose Vacuum Cleaner Motor Solution

    With the improvement of people’s living standards, vacuum cleaners are more and more widely used in homes, shopping malls, car washes, etc. The series pole motors of vacuum cleaners are divided into dry and wet types according to their uses, and they all use arc-shaped snail fan Equipped with arc-shaped air hood to generate powerful dust suction airflow. The dry type is a closed structure (Figure 1). There is only one air duct, the dust suction airflow used to cool the motor at the same time. 

    That is, dust suction and cooling are the same airflows, with a good cooling effect, large suction, and high efficiency; the wet type has an open structure (Figure 2). The two air ducts for dust collection and cooling airflow are separated. The cooling airflow is generated by the cooling fan, which can only cool the rotor and part of the stator. The cooling effect, suction, and efficiency are not as good as the dry type.

    Dry and Wet Dual - purpose Vacuum Cleaner Motor

    If the above two structures are integrated into one, that is, the open and wet type adopts a closed structure (Figure 3). The cooling airflow generated by the cooling fan can cool the rotor and the entire stator like a dry type, greatly improving the cooling effect.

    At the same time, the following schemes are adopted to further improve motor efficiency:

    1. The air inlet of the vortex fan blade and the air inlet of the air hood is sprayed with special materials so that there is zero clearance between the two air inlets;

    2. The surface of the carbon brush is sprayed or a special conductive material is implanted in the heart to increase the conductivity of the carbon brush based on keeping the resistivity of the carbon brush unchanged;

    3. The cooling fan blades are made of lightweight and low-density materials.

    In this way, the closed wet structure can achieve the same efficiency as the dry type, up to 45%, that is, the sealed cooling effect, suction, and efficiency of the closed wet motor can reach the same level as the dry motor.

    In the future, the series-pole motor of vacuum cleaners will be small and portable, strong suction, high speed, and great power, low rate, noise, long life, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and intelligent development.

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