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    Multi-speed Automatic Washing Machine Motor Solution

    With the continuous improvement of our quality of life, people's clothing is branded and the materials used are also exquisite, which brings higher requirements for the washing of clothes. At present, most washing machines on the market cannot meet the requirements. The main reason is that most of the drive devices use asynchronous motors with a rated speed of about 1350RPM. The output speed is controlled by a multi-stage reduction device and a clutch, but there is often only one speed during washing. unable meet the requirements of different washing speeds for clothes of different textures, causing velvet fabrics to be easily washed out, and the dehydration speed of 400~600RPM is low.

    Working structure of washing machine

    The power unit of most washing machines on the market is an asynchronous motor. Because of its single speed, it is difficult to achieve different speeds required by different clothes; low efficiency; large start-stop current is not suitable for frequent forward and reverse rotation; its composed power output system Many shortcomings, such as cumbersome, low transmission efficiency, high transmission noise, etc., greatly limit the application of fully automatic washing machines.

    To solve many problems of fully automatic washing machines in the market, Power Motor successfully developed the malti-speed washing machine motor solution based on nearly 20 years of motor development experience. It adopts a switched reluctance motor with a speed adjustment range of 100~20000RPM and an efficiency of 80 % or more, after the pulley is decelerated, it can meet the gentle washing speed of 25RPM or more. According to the program design, a variety of speeds corresponding to different functions can be obtained; it can also achieve a high torque output of 2.2Nm at a low speed of 200RPM.

    Performance curve of switched reluctance motor

    Feature of this switched reluctance motor

    1. Low speed and high torque;

    2. Frequent forward and reverse rotation, low starting current, and high efficiency;

    3. Each phase works independently, with high reliability, simple structure, solid and reliable;

    4. High efficiency and relatively low transmission noise. The following figure shows a single-stage belt drive, which eliminates the energy loss and noise of multi-stage transmission;

    5. Good speed regulation performance. By designing a special program on the system, it is equivalent to a stepless transmission to realize "soft washing", "weak washing" and "strong washing";

    6.The multi-function program ensures that high-end clothes are not damaged, effectively improves the washing rate of clothes, and greatly meets the needs of consumers.

    switched reluctance motor for washing machine

    Based on the status quo, Power Motor will continue to try different designs and optimize the juicer motor program with more innovative motor technologies.

    1. Because the field of the motor requires its forward and reverse characteristics, the space for reducing the vibration and noise caused by the torque ripple from the motor structure is small. The existing structure and parameters should be combined with linear and nonlinear or intelligent control theory further optimizes torque ripple.

    2. Considering the motor of using (high pollution level), volume, and life, the positionless detector should be taken seriously and applied.

    Power Motor has nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization engineering, especially on washing machine has accumulated large motor prototype database for customer reference or choice, optional matching controller, encoder and precision gearbox with specific reduction ratio, quickly according to customer needs to custom a motor solution meet or exceed customer demand. Power Motor has been a reliable motor provider and manufacturer since 2001.  More information on the  electric washing machine motor solution, Please contact our sales engineer.(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com)


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