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    PMDC & BLDC Motor For Water Purifier

    What is water purifier?

    Water purifier is a device which can purify the tap-water into direct drinking water,the booster pump is the most important component inside the water purifier which was used for pressure boost to the tap-water, so that tap-water can pass through various filtration devices.

    The principle of the water purifier is shown below:


    For a water purifier,  the booster pump ithe last two stages of filtration must be completedIn particular, the last two stages of filtration should be completed by increasing the pressure of the booster pump. The performance of the booster pump affects the proportion of water purification (the proportion of tap water converted into direct drinking water), the flow of direct drinking water, and the protection of the purification device , So the booster pump is a very important part of the water purifier.

    The DC permanent magnet motor specially designed by Lihui Motor for booster pump can provide powerful power and smaller volume. It provides a practical solution for the miniaturization of water purifier and the absence of water storage tank.

    1. PT.5240 (DC permanent magnet motor)

    2. PT.4850 (DC permanent magnet motor)


    At present, there is generally a situation where the water pressure of the tap water is unstable, and most booster pumps only perform standard boosting, and the boosting range cannot be adjusted according to the actual situation. Eventually, the flow rate of the water is unstable, and the quantitative water control cannot be quantified. In fact, the brushless DC permanent magnet motor specially designed by Lihui Motor can accurately control the motor, ensure the proportion of water purification, and can perform incremental water discharge control.


    products for Water Purifier

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