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    New structure of slicer universal motor

    The hoursehold slicer can cut thin and uniform slices of objects. It has the characteristics of convenient use, time-saving, labor-saving, durable, hygienic and safe, etc., especially its slicing effect is incomparable by manual operation, and it is widely used in various fruits, vegetables, and pastries. Bread, meat, and Chinese herbal medicine processing.

    Currently on the market microtome main motor mostly PU54 worm shaft extension string pole motor, to facilitate mounting the gearbox to meet the high torque output drive requirements, the improved structural strength of the bracket, the front, and rear brackets are made of zinc alloy, heavy, bulky, cost high.            

    The new structure of slicer universal motor cancels the front and rear zinc alloy brackets, and adopts a similar installation method as power tools. Install the stator assembly on the integral plastic base, and press the base sliding shaft with a spring steel pressure piece. The sliding bearing in the bearing groove installs the rotor assembly, the carbon brush box is also directly installed on the base and the motor. Few assembly parts, lightweight, low material cost, this structure is also conducive to automation production, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.

    In the increasingly competitive string-pole motor market, only to meet customer requirements and ensure. Under the premise of the same quality, continue to move towards the miniaturization of the first motor and reduce the material cost; the second process simplification and optimization are conducive to the realization of automated production of the motor structure and reduce the production cost. Only by developing in two directions can it continuously improve its competitiveness. With nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization, Power Motor has accumulated obvious technical advantages and can quickly custom various types of electric motor solutions.For more technical support, please contact our sales engineer(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com).

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