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    Global Motor Strength Superior Supplier by TUVRheinlan

    2020-05-29 18:53:52 48

    Power Motor has passed the strict certification of TUVRheinlan and become the "Global Motor Strength Superior Supplier".This certification is extremely strict and lasts for 7 days. First, all the materials of all the honors and qualifications of Shenzhen Power Motor and Dongguan Power Motor are checked comprehensively. The second is the on-site factory inspection, from the incoming material inspection, production process, degree of automation, quality control and other on-site shooting;  Finally, the management system, research and development strength, process control, management structure and so on have been rigorously checked. Power Motor with deep research and development strength and production strength, with high score through the certification of TUVRheinlan, become the "Global Motor Strength Superior Supplier".


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