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    EMC Innovation Competition

    2020-06-28 16:45:16 43

    From May 22 to June 22, 2020, Power Motor held a one-month "EMC Innovation Competition" in order to overcome the EMC bottleneck of electric motor, keep improving and explore the innovative solutions of EMC.During this period, the R&D department of Power motor received hundreds of EMC papers, and  R&D engineers at all levels proposed their own EMC solutions based on their own problems encountered in the R&D practice.



    On June 23, "EMC Innovation Competition Award Ceremony" was held in the conference room of  Machinery University, aiming to commend the outstanding researchers of EMC academic papers, so as to encourage more R&D personnel to devote themselves into academic research, create an innovative atmosphere, and continuously inject new strength into the technical innovation of Power Motor machinery. During this period, Director Wang made an overall review of the paper.Yan always came to the scene to award certificates and bonuses for outstanding individuals.

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