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    New Year address of Power Motor

    2021-01-01 09:00:00 23

    Time flies and the legendary 2020 is coming to an end. 2020 is a memorable year, a year destined to be recorded in history. Looking back on this year, we have gone through many difficulties. We have passed the hurdles that we thought we could not handle. What should pass will eventually pass, and what should begin will finally begin. Time is changing and we are about to usher in 2021. I am willing to extend my New Years blessings to all Power Motor's members, and through you, to your family! I also wish Power Motor‘s partners all over the world peace and happiness!



    In any uncertain era, companies are planning their layout and looking for the best time for huge growth in the future. Although the economic situation is not optimistic, Power Motor operates well, and the company is still developing steadily and continuously, achieving simultaneous growth in sales and profits.

    For the future, although we are facing unprecedented uncertainty, we have to strive to seize the opportunity, use the company's existing advantages, tap and integrate resources, increase product research and development, and increase production output, thereby increasing the initiative in market competition.


    In the 20 years of continuous development of Power Motor, we have always kept our original intentions in mind, respecting human nature, respecting common sense, conforming to laws, and grasping the essence. We insist that development is the last word, continuously improve efficiency, increase wealth, and let employees have more sense of gain, happiness, and security.

    The 20 years of Power Motor's development are 20 years of continuous improvement of employees. A 20-year history is also a testimony to the strength of human nature. As the participants, promoters, and creatorsgenerations of employees of Power Motor have not only changed the destiny of the company but also changed their destiny.

    Power Motor’s development achievements are jointly created by all Power Motor Family. History always favors stalwarts, forge ahead, and fighters. Power Motor career has formed us into a community of destiny, careers, and interest. "Struggle culture" has become our mainstream culture. Under the guidance of culture, generations of Power Motor people, with their enthusiasm and responsibility, have moved forward with heavy burdens, persevered, and survived the vicissitudes of life. Innovation and development, transformation and upgrading are always our major issues. In the future, we will advance with the times and promote reforms from a higher starting point. The intensity, intensity, and depth of the reforms are completely reborn and unprecedented. We will spend a lot of energy to solve more long-term problems that we wanted to solve but not solved and accomplish more big things we wanted to do but failed to do in the past. We will eventually achieve the following identity changes: turning individual operations into group operations, turning employees into bosses, turning professional managers into entrepreneurs, and turning a community of interests into a business community... The future is promising, and we will remain committed to it. Build Power Motor into a modern enterprise full of charm, power, vitality, and innovation.

    Dear family members, Power Motor is a ship, and we are sailors. We must let the ship ride the wind and waves and sail far away; Power Motor is a ship, and we are the sail. We are obliged to shake the scull and pull the fiber and help each other in the same boat. Power Motor ship to sail the stated objectives, the needs of every family Power Motor uphold and carry forward "implementation is the ability, hard work is the level of" pragmatic style; uphold and carry forward the tradition of doing things "heavy responsibilities, dare bite hard bone," We must use more ambitious ambitions and a more high-spirited posture, innovative thinking, unity and cooperation, and hard work to develop, and we will never retreat unless we achieve our goals. Years have never disappointed every intentional person. Hope we will always look forward and move up and do not forget our original intention and live up to our youth. Brave the winds and waves, is my generation Power Motor people! Riding the wind and waves for 30,000 miles, Fang is my generation Power Motor people! In the new year, let us compete with thousands of sails, brave the tide, brave the waves, and stand on the tide; let us use bravery and hard work to draw a successful conclusion to 2020; let us welcome the wonderful clock of 2021 with joy and anticipation sound!

                                                 Power Motor Company

     January 1 2021

    (New year)

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