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    Power Motor has launched a long - life rechargeable hand blender motor solution

    2022-03-15 12:11:23 605

    On March 10, 2022, Power Motor unveils a new series of motor solutions for cordless hand blender. PT2730 series and PT555PM series provides a comprehensive motion solution for cordless hand blender or mixer. The highly integrated product assembly combines  low-voltage permanent magnet DC motor, motor driver and rechargeable battery pack.

    Under the premise of consistent function and effect, the cordless hand blender using low voltage DC motor is compared with the traditional hand blender using plug-in high voltage DC motor.  The former can be used wirelessly, say goodbye to site restrictions, more convenient and flexible;   And the speed can be stepless adjustment, small size and not heavy, energy saving and ultra silent, efficiency increased to 70%.   The introduction of the low-voltage DC motor of the rechargeable cordless hand-held stirrer solves the defects of the existing plug-in stirrer motor on the market in terms of efficiency and rope, and greatly improves the user experience.

    This fully integrated assembly enables manufacturers to accelerate product development and shorten time to market,and improve product competitiveness.

    To request a sample or get more information, please contact us at info.power@power-motor.com

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