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    PT30 factory-made automatic assembly line 2 wonderful debut

    2020-09-03 10:23:15 328

    The "PT30 self-made automatic assembly line 2 " project, which was established in December 2019, is an efficient automatic growth line independently designed and developed by Power Motor. With the concerted efforts of the Lean Improvement Department, Production Engineering Department, Automation Department, Strategic Purchasing Department, and other departments, after six months of commissioning, trial production, and modification, the program design and production line realization have been completed and made a brilliant appearance.


    The PT30 self-made automatic assembly line 2 adopts a combination of human-machine cooperative, intelligently operates or controls automatically according to the prescribed procedures or instructions, to achieve "stable, accurate, fast" and "cost reduction and efficiency increase", increase labor productivity, stability, and improvement of product quality, improvement of working conditions, reduction of production costs, shortening of production cycles, ensuring production balance, etc.


    PT30 self-made automatic assembly 2-wire realizes the following functions:

    • Fast: human-machine cooperative, convenient to transfer different models. The operator work only needs to adjust, supervise, and manage the automatic line, does not participate in the direct operation. All equipment runs in a unified rhythm, and the process is highly continuous. It saves 45.45% of labor and reduces direct labor costs by 45.50%.

    • Stable: The entire production line runs stably, and the automatic assembly, inspection, transmission system, and control system with high stability and reliability, which can significantly improve productivity and increase versatility and flexibility. Keep the safety of personnel and products, the program can protect and prompt fault points for each station, and stably complete daily output.

    • Standard: From the rotor into the meson to the motor packing into the box, the equipment linked with the MES system, data can be extracted.


    Next, Power Motor will continue to keep the optimization and upgrade of existing automated production lines and design automated production lines with complete intellectual property rights, ensure product consistency and high-quality stability, further improve "cost reduction and efficiency enhancement", achieve product quality throughout the entire process. Traceback to provide global customers with more competitive and cost-effective motor products.

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