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    Flat motor PU1215 series new release

    2021-10-15 13:58:03 465

    Hello everyone, you may feel that there is no new idea about the traditional appearance of blender. If you can make some changes to the appearance of your unit, such as reducing the height of the base but without sacrificing the performance of motor, and even increasing the application for food processing function, you will certainly attract the attention of end users. Therefore, restructure the PU8830 (outer diameter 88mm) series motor platform, the appearance of flat-shaped universal motor PU1215 (outer diameter 120mm) has came out.

    PU8830 VS PU1215 Flat moror.png

    By compressing the motor structure and reduce stack height, the total height of motor can reduce 46-51mm. The stator is added with one more pair of coils and carbon brushes, which is changed from a 2-pole motor to a 4-pole motor. Then the loading torque at 10000rpm can be increased by 22% and the locked rotor torque can be increased by 25%. Before that a whole set of gears were required to increase the output torque at heavy load and high speed. Now the gear assembly can be simplified. Moreover, the temperature rise is significantly reduced by 40K. It can minimize the market return rate caused by overload.

    PU8830 VS PU1215 .png

    The 4-pole stator magnetic field is more evenly distributed, the rotor commutation is much smooth, and the vibration is reduced by 50%. In corporate with hall sensor assembly on the motor, the signal generated per the speed change under different loading is transmitted to the unit control panel for programming operation, and the required output performance is feedback to the motor input controlling in real time. It would have good effect in blender, food processor and chef machine application.

    If your product requires a flat motor, pls contact us for development discussion and we would like to customize the most suitable proposal based on your need. Thank you!

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