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    Efficient self-locking adjustable desk motor with worm gearbox

    1. Basic situation of the market

    With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more electronic products appear in our daily life. In different occasions, these smart products provide people with a convenient, fast, stable, efficient or comfortable life experience. As an intelligent office and life product, the adjust lifting desk quickly occupied the market with green, environmental protection, healthy design concepts and precise product positioning. The outbreak and continuous spread of the new coronavirus has brought a huge impact on the normal operation of countless companies around the world, and has virtually accelerated the development of lift tables in industries such as home furnishing, e-sports and leisure. 

    2. Market needs or improvement points

    At present, there are many types of adjusting desk on the market with different functions. As the driving core of the lifting desk mechanism, the quality of the motor determines the quality of the lifting desk to a large extent. As the mainstream structure of the lifting desk motor, the worm gear motor structure currently on the market has the advantages of small size, low noise, and low cost. However, the shortcomings of small load bearing, large current, no self-locking, and short life are troubled by major lifting desk. Manufacturing enterprises, the difficulty that affects the further expansion of the market for lifting desk products. therefore, relevant companies have to work hard on the structure and configuration of the lifting desk: increase the number of motors, improve the hardware level of the current limiter, and add a self-locking structure to the column screw. No matter what the effect is, it will increase the cost of the motor and even the entire lift table product to a certain extent, reducing market competitiveness. To this end, it is necessary to provide a more reasonable motor solution to solve the issue points of this industry


    3. Our worm gearbox motor solution for self-locking adjustable desk

    In order to solve the above pain points of the lifting desk in the existing market, Power Motors, through system evaluation and analysis, based on the existing worm gear and worm structure motors:

    1) Electromagnetic simulation simulation and optimization of some motor parts such as rotor chips, magnetic steel, commutator, and carbon brushes were carried out, and prototype verification tests were carried out to improve the efficiency of the bare motor (as shown in the figure below, the highest efficiency before optimization is about 61%, The highest efficiency after optimization is about 71%)





    2) The mechanical strength simulation calculation of the shaft hole clearance of the oil-impregnated bearing, the worm gear and the mechanical structure of the gear box, and the prototype verification test have solved the problems of abnormal bearing, heat generation, and insufficient durability of the gear.


    3) The self-locking structure of the whole machine is systematically analyzed, and the balance point between self-locking and motor efficiency is found after the limit cooperation verification (as shown in the figure below, when the self-locking torque is greater than 2Nm, the maximum efficiency of the motor exceeds 40%)


    After the optimized design of the above systems, Power Motors has proposed a more efficient and reliable solution for lifting desk motors. The motor can meet the requirements of large bearing capacity (a single motor can bear more than 80~100Kgf), low current (load current below 6A), low noise (30cm distance running noise below 45dB(A)), and sufficient self-locking force (single motor Motor self-locking torque is more than 2Nm), long life (accumulated durability more than 20,000 times of lifting) and other market needs.


    4. The future optimization direction and achievable goals of specific application solutions

    Power motor is currently designed as a worm gear structure, and the motor is installed in an external blind box in the lifting desk mechanism, which affects the appearance of the lifting desk to a certain extent. In the next step, the motor + gear transmission structure will be systematically studied to reduce the overall motor volume. On the premise of not reducing the functional effects of the motor, the hidden installation of the motor in the lifting desk mechanism will be realized to meet the market demand for lifting desk products and simplification needs


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