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    Intelligent Motorized Curtain Motor Solutions

    Curtain is the most commonly used products in daily life. With the improvement of people’s common life and Smart home products are wide range of applications, intelligent products are becoming more and more popular. Smart electric curtain using motors to pull curtain on the track through the motors positive and negative to achieve opening and closing, and the commands can be time control, light control, wind control, voice control etc., the experience is more humane, and the control methods are also diverse, replacing the previous manual methods, which are convenient and practical. More convenient to use and Smarter, in recent years, more and more parts have become a must-have for daily life.

            In the past,Curtain need to be opened and closed by hand. Manual curtain have a shortcoming.The speed of opening and closing is out of controlled.If the force is too strong,it will produce a loud collision sound run to the ends and the middle,and the noise is louder.If the power is not enough,the curtain is not open.If the curtain is too heavy and large.it is difficult to control to opening and closing for the elderly and   children.

    The electric curtain motor solution developed by Power Motors has the characteristics of Small size, High torque and Low noise. The voltage is 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, the rated torque is 1.3-1.5N.m, and the rated speed is 12-14cm/s. It can also be customized according to customers of motor parameters, control methods and receiving systems.                                                                       


           The brushless motor has the characteristics of low noise, small size, long life, and higher control accuracy than the existing DC brushed motor.The replacement of the curtain motor by the brushless motor is the future development direction.Power Motors also have progress in the field of brushless motor development.

           Power Motors has nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization.Especially in the smart home motor program,it has accumulated a huge database of motor prototypes for customers to consult and choose. It can selectively match controllers or encoders, and gears with specific reduction ratios. It can quickly customize motor solutions that meet or exceed customer needs according to customer needs. It is a reliable motor solution supplier and manufacturer. For more information about motorized curtain motor solutions, please contact our sales engineers. (Skype/Emailinfo.power@power-motor.com)


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