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    How to improve the life of blender motor?

    2020-10-22 18:09:17 36

    At present, the market demand for wall-breaker products continues to increase, and consumer experience and quality requirements continue to increase. The service life of wall breakers currently sold on the market is generally around 200h. To enhance product competitiveness and product quality, to meet the ten-year shelf life of customers promised to consumers. Therefore, the motor must be guaranteed not to fail after ten years of use in the hands of the user. It is imperative to develop a longer-life blender motor solution. It is also an effective solution for customers to improve brand quality and occupy the market.

    The service life of wall breakers currently sold on the market is generally around 200h. The life is short, and the actual working speed is between 12000RPM-14000RPM, the rated power is within 1500W, most of the rated power is 1200W. Some motor manufacturers have also introduced long-life version motors, but the service life can only reach 250~300h, which is far from the expected effect of the market. Market expectation requirements: life expectancy 500h, working speed around 16000RPM, rated power between 1500W-1800W.

    How to improve the life of blender motor

    View of the current expected demand of the market: the life span is 500h, the working speed is about 16000RPM, and the rated power is between 1500W-1800W. Power Motor adopts the redevelopment of long life and high power.

    1. Previously, the PU9545 was able to meet the structure of the rated power of 1500W, but now the PU9540 can reach the rated power of 1500W, and the working speed can reach 16000RPM. And it can pass the temperature rise test and locked rotor test of the whole product.

    2. It can make the life test of Power Motor new wall breaker motor>500h. The noise under the same load speed is reduced by more than 3dB(A).

    Due to the current plan, there is still room for cost reduction. To cope with market competition in the future, it is necessary to optimize the structural design to achieve the absolute advantages of long life, high speed, low noise, and low cost of the motor.

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