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    FOC Technology Of High Speed Motor

    2020-10-21 09:55:06 66

    A high-speed motor usually refers to a motor with a speed exceeding 10000r/min. Because of its high speed and no deceleration structure, its power density is high. It is the application range of high-speed motors where the volume and weight need to reduce, such as aerospace motors, Motors, blowers, compressors, etc. for new energy vehicles. Besides, it has excellent performance at high speeds and is commonly used in machine tool spindles, centrifuges, and household appliances.

    The mainstream structures of high-speed motors include induction motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, brushless DC motors, and reluctance motors, among which FOC can be used to control permanent magnet synchronous motors and brushless DC motors.

    The traditional brushless motor control method based on square wave control, and usually adopts a six-step commutation method to control the current direction of the coil winding in the brushless motor to form an orderly changing magnetic field to drive the rotor to rotate. This method will expose its inherent defects during use: 1. The peak value of the driving current is higher. 2. The pulsating torque fluctuation is obvious. 3. Large vibration and noise. 4. The system responds slowly.

    Motor Controller Solution

    FOC (Field-Oriented Control), that is, field-oriented control, also known as vector frequency conversion, is the best choice for efficient control of brushless DC motors (BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). FOC can accurately control the size and direction of the magnetic field, making the motor torque stable, low noise, high efficiency, and has a high-speed dynamic response. Under FOC control, the motor can not only run smoothly in the full speed range and generate rated torque at zero speed but also has good high-speed dynamic performance and can accelerate or decelerate quickly. Especially on the occasions that require quiet and low noise, there are obvious advantages, such as the fans of inverter air conditioners, air purifiers, fans, and so on.

    Power Motor's existing design of traditional fan blades, drum blades, and no blades are all controlled by FOC, and the speed performance is good, meeting the quiet requirements of the guests. On this basis, FOC control research and development will be keep promoted, and it will be applied in high-speed centrifuges and wall breakers, and the motor torque will be finely controlled to realize the diversification of high-speed motor application fields.

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