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    Hair Dryer Motor Custom Platform

    2019-04-29 15:41:34 24

    Shenzhen Power Motor has established a hair dryer/hair dryer R&D team since 2005, focusing on the development of household hair dryer motor solution. Our brushless motors have been mature and applied to the hair dryer/hair dryer to meet the requirements of different customers on the performance of hair dryer/hair dryer. After years of deep cultivation, our company has built a relatively perfect development brushless hair dryer motor platform, with thousands of models and data of hair dryer motors, and can quickly design schemes of hair dryer motors with different performance. The controllability, high efficiency, long life and low noise characteristics of the hair dryer can be customized according to the needs of special applications. At present, and a number of large home appliance enterprises at home and abroad have in-depth cooperation. Next, we will introduce some mature models of hair dryer:

    1、brushless hair dryer motors

    2、AC universsal hair dryer motors

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