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    Motor Model

    2019-04-12 10:37:31 415

    Power Motor has been providing customized one-stop services for motors to customers all over the world since 2001. Up to now, the motor types designed and developed for customers include universal motor, brushed DC motor, brushless DC motor and gear motor. The four series of motor models are composed of motor type + chip size + voltage + serial number. The representative letters of motor type are:

    PU: Universal Motor

    PT: PMDC Motor

    PBL: Brushless Motor

    PGM: Gear Motor

    Motor Model.jpg

    Note: The motor models are different between manufacturers and others. These models are not universal. If you have a certain type of motor from a certain company, we can not recommend appropriate motor types to you according to this model. For more information, please contact our engineer.

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