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    How to select the type of a motor for your product?

    2020-02-12 10:37:31 250

    At the beginning of a new product development, how to choose the motor type and model suitable for the product?  POWER collated 19 years of customized and R & D motor data for customers, summarized the following motor selection methods and steps, to help our customers to select the motor according application needs.

    First, identify the application occasions of the required motor - what products the motor is applied to.

    Second, provide the main performance parameters of the required motor, such as speed, torque, power, etc.

    Third, provide the approximate demand of the required motor.

    Fourth, follow up the data, combined with the large database of Power Motor, recommend the most suitable motor type and model with the highest cost performance to you.

    How to select the type of a motor for your product.jpg

    If you can not find the motor that meets your requirements, please contact our engineer. Shenzhen Power Motor can work with you to customize solutions to meet your motion needs.

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