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    Innovation Live Broadcast with Motor Solutions | Power Motor~127th Canton Fair

    2020-06-25 11:22:49 49

    From June 15 to 24, 2020, due to the coVID-19 epidemic, the 127th Canton Fair was held from offline to online for the first time. Power Motor, adhering to the innovation gene, participated in the 127th Canton Fair live with a positive attitude.

    Power Motor learns from the sales model of "live broadcast with goods", purchases professional live broadcast equipment, builds professional live broadcast platform, and trains anchors. Adopt the "three-step" marketing mode: rely on the company's official website, enterprise publicity video and product promotion video to make drainage in the upstream; In midstream, we rely on live streaming, senior sales engineers and R&D engineers to recommend and answer questions for customers face to face. There are professional after-sales teams in the downstream to do technical docking and service. Every link is carefully planned, and strive to receive every visiting customer.

    The 127th Canton Fair came to a successful conclusion in "Cloud" on June 24th. With the joint efforts of all departments, Power Motor successfully completed the set goal and initially established our live broadcast team. The success of the Canton Fair is due to our innovative spirit of "constantly innovating, not afraid of difficulties and daring to challenge" from the beginning of its establishment, and its strong learning ability to adapt to the requirements of customers in the new situation.

    Power Motor 127 Canton Fair live

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