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    2020-10-16 17:40:40 48

    According to the Ministry of Commerce’s report on the impact of the epidemic, the 128th Canton Fair will continue to be held online to keep up with the times to ensure customer satisfaction, provide customers with real-time communication professional services, and ensure efficient customer communication.

    This year's Canton Fair focuses on home appliance products and focuses on the introduction and promotion of home appliances and motors. To fully protect the demand for online live broadcast, the anchor can interact with customers during the live broadcast, respond to customer inquiries in time, and give priority to customer experience. The foreign trade clerk turned into a "cargo anchor" is a highlight of this online Canton Fair. In response to customer needs quickly and professionally, a dedicated anchor assistant is set up to introduce products with a professional attitude and answer customer technical doubts. Power Motor sales team Using the live room 24 hours reception and communication, effectively build a bridge between customers and products so that the merchants have further attention to Power Motor product series.

    No matter how the development of the industry changes, Power Motors always insists on quality first, continuously improves its innovation ability and technical strength, and provides better services to customers.


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