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Brief Analysis Motors For Blender Applications


In the blender market, there are many types of motor to choose from –AC Universal Motor; DC Motor; Brushless Motor; Gearbox Motor;Switched Reluctance Motor, and Induction Motor.

The main  points  in the high-speed blenders market

When we use a blender in our daily life, different customers get different feelings as blenders equipped with different motors get their characteristics.

1. Due to the high power of the motor and high speed, the work is noisy and the user experience is poor.

2. The life of the existing AC series motor is low, the motor speed range is narrow, and the low-speed performance is not good; Also, AC universal motor must be equipped with a cooling fan to solve the temp rise problem which will lead to loud noise and the bulky size of the blender.

3. The existing high-speed blender can not achieve high torque at low speed and juicer, heating at high speed at the same time.


Power Motor continuously optimizes product design and now developed mature products with multiple platforms based on years of experience in the field of blender motor.

Power Motor has series blender motors. 

Power Motor’s existing high-power products have all the necessary properties such as quality stability, life, noise, and odor control. It is now widely used in famous companies and other well-known brands. Power Motor PU9540 series motor performance reaches 2000W watts  30,000 rpm, service life 300-500 hours.


Our products have comprehensive and reliable technical solutions for customers to choose from in the transmission mechanism (gear reducer, planetary reducer, worm gear reduction, synchronous belt drive, etc.) supporting the motor.


The company has rich experience and comprehensive technical solutions in motor control systems, motor protection devices, and motor sensor control, which can meet the requirements of different customers. The PU9830 series motors are equipped with a manual reset PTC thermostat and an NTC temperature sensor. Hall speed sensor, forward and reverse control, and electronic brake device.

In order to meet the needs of high-end products, Power Motor has developed a variety of brushless DC motors and flat motors with independent intellectual property rights, which have many advantages such as novel structure, large torque, low noise, long life, high efficiency, the picture are just as follows.

products for Blender

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