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    How long is the life of motor and reducer?

    2019-06-12 10:38:09 510

    How long is the life of motor and reducer.jpgThe life of a motor varies in various applications: the working environment, input power and working beat will affect the life of the motor. Even the load connection mode of motor or reduction motor will affect the overall life of the product. Other parameters that should be considered in the estimation of the total life are reverse drive of the reduction motor, hard stop of the motor or the reduction motor, etc. If your application requires a motor or reduction motor to withstand high axial or radial loads, the use of ball bearings can extend the life expectancy. If long life is one of the parameters required by your design, you can consider using our brushless DC motor. The life of a BLDCM is usually limited to the ball bearings used to support the shaft. Our application engineers can discuss with you the problems related to product life and recommend the optimized motor scheme according to the design standard.

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