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    Application of single-phase AC double-insulated universal motor in portable water pump                              

    Single-phase AC portable water pump, compact and convenient, plug-and-play, well-liked by users, its small size, simple operation, convenient storage, can solve many special water demand problems, can pump water to the flower pond, can also increase water pressure. With more and more abundant household life, the demand for portable water pumps will increase.

    The single-phase AC portable water pump uses a series motor. Due to the high speed of the series motor, the pump produces greater suction, which is loved by customers. However, because the pump needs to be in contact with water, the biggest pain point is the problem of water pump sealing and leakage. , Life issue, once the water pump leaks, it will not only affect the function problems but also may cause leakage problems, which involve life safety issues. 

    single-phase AC double-insulated universal motors

    Aiming at the problem of water leakage, our company has developed the PU80 series of single-phase AC double-insulated universal motors. The shaft core material of the motor is reasonably selected and strict surface treatment is performed to improve the wear resistance of its matching materials to extend the water pumps Life. The rotor adopts double insulation design to solve the problem of preventing the leakage of the water pump. In particular, the front and rear brackets use plastic materials to truly realize the function of double insulation to solve the problem of leakage of the water pump due to water leakage.

    The demand for single-phase hand-held water pumps remains stable and has a certain growth. According to different needs, motors of different power levels can be designed. Power Motor can cooperate with customers to develop single-phase AC double-insulated series excitations with different power levels such as 400-1000W. Motor; The next step is to further optimize the motor design and increase the motor power, so that the hand-held water pump has more functions and can pump some low-density materials, such as fertilizers, to expand the application environment of the hand-held water pump. With nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization, Power Motor has accumulated obvious technical advantages and can quickly custom various types of electric motor solutions.For more technical support, please contact our sales engineer(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com).


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