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    High Torque AC Motor Solution for Paper Shredder

    1. The basic situation of the shredder motor market

    Paper shredders is one of the most common products in the office. With the intensification of business competition, more and more attention has been paid to the processing of data related to trade secrets. The way the data is thrown into the trash will be recycled and collected by competitors. , causing losses to the company, direct incineration is not environmentally friendly and inconvenient, paper shredders is become people's first choice. Paper shredders is composed of a set of rotating blades, paper combs and drive motors. The paper is fed from the middle of the interlocking blades and is divided into many small pieces of paper to achieve the purpose of confidentiality. The paper shredder needs to have high power and high torque requirements. It has a very strong shredding ability and can realize shredding. It can meet the needs of work and life and bring convenience to people's work and life.


    2. Market needs

    At present, the market prospect of paper shredders is very good, but there are many kinds of paper shredder motors on the market, with different shapes. In order to pursue profits, merchants can only make the size of the motor small to reduce the price of the product, which leads to the shortage of paper shredders. Low power and low torque, only a small amount of paper can be shredded at one time, which leads to a long time and effort when large batches of documents need to be processed, causing inconvenience. General shredders can only shred documents Crushing processing, if you encounter credit cards or CD, it is very laborious, or even impossible to handle, which is extremely inconvenient. The shredder motor is a forward-reverse motor, and the forward-reverse motor often causes large sparks when the motor is working due to double steering, resulting in short life and poor EMC. With the continuous development of society, everyone has higher and higher requirements for paper shredders, not only requiring paper shredders to shred all kinds of documents, but also general card-shaped items can be shredded and processed, but also pursue long life, low noise, Environmental requirements, etc.

     3. The high torque AC motor solution for paper shredder from Power Motor

    In view of the many problems encountered by shredder motors in the current market, Power Motor has developed high-power, high-torque, low-noise, long-life, and environmentally friendly paper shredder motor based on nearly 20 years of motor development experience and market needs. Power Motor is optimizing the motor structure and the material of the motor parts, the one-time shredding volume can reach 20~30 sheets without jamming, and the shredder motor designed by Power Motor has been optimized, and the output end adopts a gear structure, which can directly match the shape of the gear. The connector is directly used, which optimizes the space of the whole machine and reduces the cost. When the motor works in double direction, it meets the EMC requirements of the motor, and also meets the requirements of long life of the motor. And by optimizing the structure of the motor, the noise value of the motor at work can be reduced. Meet industry-leading standards.

    The high torque AC motor for paper shredder.png

    4.  The ptimization Direction of  paper shredder motor solution

    Power Motor's existing PU54 and PU70 series motors, and constantly optimize the motor design, improve the performance and overload capacity of the motor, make the shredder motor more compact, flat, higher power density, more intelligent and comprehensive operation. In this way, to help customers' products gain a greater competitive advantage. At the same time, the stator enameled wire is changed from copper wire to pure aluminum enameled wire, and the motor structure and parts are innovatively optimized, the price of the motor is reduced, and the cost performance and competitiveness of the motor are increased.

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