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Gearbox Motor for Automotive Seat Adjustment

From manual adjustment to electric adjustment of automotive seat.

As everyone knows, all the cars equipped manual adjustment seats in the past, even today, most of the middle and low-grade cars are still equipped manual adjustment seats, only a small amount of high and mid-end cars equipped power seats.


Generally, the manual seat can not meet the requirements for accurate position and angle adjustment, it’s very difficult for a driver to find the best position and angle to drive,that is to say, to most of the cars with manual seat, the driver does not always have the most comfortable position when they drive cars, and this uncomfortable position always makes drivers fatigued more easily. To short journeys, such tired feelings always are ignored; but if it’s a long journey, the fatigued feelings gradually accumulate and may cause serious consequences. 


With the improvement of people’s safety awareness and requirement for the comfortable, all the manufacturers will equip the power seats as a basic configuration of the car.

With power seats, drivers and passengers can easily adjust the seat to the most comfortable position and angle through one or two buttons,and it can also reduce the fatigued feeling even in a long journey both for the driver and passengers.


Power Motor gets 43 models of seat adjustment motors in total.

Shenzhen Power Motor Industrial Co.,Ltd—Top 10 small&micro motors manufacturers in China, concentrates it’s advantageous R&D resources, invested more than 3% of income every year to develop the automotive seat adjustment motor.


We creatively redesigned the structure of the worm gear, planetary gear, and differential gear, then combine them together to make the gearbox motor get the characteristics of low noise, without abnormal sound, stable operation, long life, and high torque.


Through our continuous effort, we successfully developed 43 models in a total of seat adjustment motor which can meet most of the brands and models cars in the past 4 years, including 3 models of horizontal adjustment motors(2 for brushed and 1 for brushless), 16 models of angle adjustment motor, 14 models of side lift motor, 6 models of front lift motor and whole 4 models of seat lift motor.

With the background of energy-saving and environmental protection globally, there are 2 main development directions of seat adjustment, one is miniaturization and lightness, another one is use brushless motor to replace the PMDC motor.


Brushless motor get the advantages of low noise and smaller size compare to the PMDC motor at the same power level, it’s predictable that more and more brushless motor will be adopted for the seat application. Power Motor is now cooperating with high-end customers on the brushless motor development and one of the horizontal motor is under development already.

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