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    PMDC Motor For Treadmill AND Walking Machine


    The electric treadmill is a high-end equipment for gyms and families. It drives the running belt through the motor to make people passively run or walk at different speeds.


    The running belt speed of the treadmill is controlled by the motor, and the stability of the torque and speed of the motor determines the comfort and safety of the treadmill. The installation method of the motor is also very relevant to the overall design of the treadmill and the user experience. There are many treadmill motors that cannot meet the needs of various working conditions, always lead to a phenomenon of unstable speed output.


    Power Motor designed PMDC motor for treadmill particularly according to the various working conditions and overall design requirements which can meet the requirements of stable speed output under various working conditions and ensure the user's comfort and safety. .


    1. PT.6062 (PMDC motor for treadmill)

    2. PGM.W90F (PMDC gear motor for waking machine)

    products for Treadmill

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