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    SCR Speed-regulating Motor Solution for Dough Maker

    In recent years, the upsurge of household appliances consumption has gradually spread to the field of small household appliances. More and more high-end, smart, and healthy household appliances have begun to enter the kitchen, opening the era of smart kitchens. In the "China High-end Home Appliances Consumption Survey Report", three factors consumers prioritize when buying high-end home appliances are product quality, intelligence, and technical content. It can be seen that the demand for smart home appliances is constantly increasing, and the market potential is huge. Take the home kneading machine as an example. The home kneading machine not only saves the time and energy of making noodles but also is simple to use and easy to clean. It is in line with the needs of modern people's fast-paced life, so it is normal to be favored in the market.

    At present, most of the motors used in household mixers on the market are brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors, while brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors have many pain points: the speed of brushed DC motors is single and cannot to adjusted, and the running speed on load is not stable. The cost of the control part of the brushless DC motor is high, and the price of the finished product has stopped most consumers. Therefore, low-price, adjustable-speed, and constant-speed household kneading machines are favored by consumers.

    SCR Speed-regulating Motor Solution for Dough Maker

    Based on solving the problems in the motors of the existing household mixers, Power Motor designed an SCR speed-regulating motor to meet customer needs. The SCR speed motor is an AC motor that uses a triac to turn off to control the speed. The thyristor speed regulating motor has the functions of speed regulation and speed feedback with the DC brushless motor, which fills the gap of the DC brushless motor without speed regulation and speed stability. Relative to DC brushless motors: 1. SCR speed-regulating motors do not require a rectifier circuit, and the power circuit part uses resistance-capacitance step-down technology to replace switching power supplies, and the cost is much lower than that of DC brushless motors. 2. The thyristor speed-regulating motor controls the speed of the motor by controlling a bidirectional thyristor to turn off, which saves the cost to a large extent than the three-phase six-tube control of the DC brushless motor. Therefore, thyristor speed-regulating motors used in household kneading machines are more suitable for the needs of ordinary families.

    Based on the existing technology, Power Motor designing a motor with complete functions, stable speed, lower cost, and easier mass production.

    Power Motor has nearly 20 years of experience in motor customization engineering, especially on dough maker has accumulated large motor prototype database for customer reference or choice, optional matching controller, encoder and precision gearbox with specific reduction ratio, quickly according to customer needs to custom a motor solution meet or exceed customer demand. Power Motor has been a reliable motor provider and manufacturer since 2001.  More information on the  electric dough maker motor solution, Please contact our sales engineer.(Skype/Email:info.power@power-motor.com)


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