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    Brief Analysis PMDC Gearbox Motor For Slow Juicer

    In the field of food-assisted processing(juicer extractor/food processor), slow juicer has played a subversive role as people gradually recognized that slow juicer is the best way to prevent oxidation, extract fruit and vegetable juice from pure leafy, compared with the traditional juicer extractor. The slow juicer is very useful to maximize the retention of the original nutrients of fruit and vegetable to achieve the unity of taste, convenience and nutrition.


    PMDC motor with gear reducer gets the advantages of low noise, high torque and low speed, which is very suitable for slow juicer.  It is not only perfectly achieve the advantages of slow juicer, but also can realize infinite speed adjustment to make the slow juicer meet different speed requirements according to different food materials, with the slow juicer, each food material will be squeezed the tasty juice, improving the satisfaction of customer.


    Power Motor can design, develop and produce different PMDC motor with gear reducer for different customers, here shows 2 types of PMDC motor with gear reducer specially for slow juicer.

    1. PGM.W098M0043

    2. PT.5230230-8110C



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