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    BLDC Motor For Food Waste Disposer

    Food waste is an inescapable problem of family life and there are more than 50% of Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) are food waste according to statistical data. Though the government invested lots of manpower and materiel to deal with the waste, but it is still difficult to meet the needs as the food waste gradually increase year by year.


    With the rapid development of society, residents’ awareness of environmental protection increase day by day and quest for higher quality life and living environment. At the same time, our country try the best to push forward the progress of classification of MSW, the food waste disposer become to one of the best ways to reduce the MSW.


    Normally, we installed the food waste disposer under the sink in the kitchen, we have no need to classify the food waste no matter it is fishbone,  vegetables stem, fruit peel&shell and others when we use it then the disposer will deal with the food waste one-time. We just press the switch lightly, the disposer will grind the food waste to tiny particles which are washed away by the water along the sewer. It is convenient, hygienic and environmentally friendly, it is not only avoid the peculiar smell from the food waste, but also save a lot of time to deal with it.

    For a food waste disposer, motor is the most important part. Motor generates centrifugal force inside the cavity when operation, which drivers the cutter to cut, crush and grind the food waste into 2~3 mm tiny particles.

    The motor which used for food waste disposer in the market now are 3 types: Brush DC Motor, Induction AC Motor and Brushless DC Motor.

    Brush DC Motor: Brush DC motor gets higher operation speed(around 4000rpm) without load, higher efficiency and higher torque than brush ac motor, the on-load operation speed is around 2800rpm with higher noise.  Because of the abrasion of carbon brush, the life of this kind of food waste disposer is always short , even so, it’s still a good choice to many families as the price is lower.

    In conclusion, disposer with brush dc motor get the disadvantages of short life time and big noise, but it’s always cheap compare to others.


    Induction AC Motor: Induction AC motor gets low operation speed(around 1480rpm) without load, however, even it is operation on-load, the noise and speed are still the same compare with the without load condition. Normally, induction AC motor gets the large size and high price because of the high manufacturing cost, so the disposer with induction AC motor is also expensive.

    The disadvantages of the induction AC motor are: large size, low efficiency, low speed and the tiny particle is not evenly.


    Brushless DC Motor: Brushless dc motor can keep the stable operation speed at the range of 1000rpm-4500rpm, it also gets the advantages of high torque strong overload capacity.

    Disposer manufacturers can chose any speed as the on-load speed according to the cutter, brushless DC motor gets the advantages of high efficiency(highest 92.2%), long life(more than 5000 hours) and energy conservation.


    Brushless gets the advantages of low noise, long life, high efficiency, small size, adjustable speed, represent the development direction of food waste disposer in the future,  our company is cooperating with high-end customer for the food waste disposer R&D work.

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